Keywords And The Importance Of Grouping Them

If you listen to the so-called SEO experts, you get the impression all keywords are monetized in the same way. However, the truth is that the effectiveness of any search engine optimization campaign depends largely on your ability to join searchers in the inner conversation they have as they are typing keyphrases.

This inner conversation reflects what stage in the buying cycle a person is in. There are three stages: awareness, consideration, and purchase.

A keyword may indicate that a person is ready to buy a product (PURCHASE ) or may show that he is merely looking for information (AWARENESS).

If you are an Internet Marketer, the fastest way to earn money online is by targeting buyer keywords, you know, keywords that have the words “buy” and other related keywords plus the name of the product or in the search bar. But they tend to be very competitive and it may take many months or even years before your web page ranks and you earn money.

For more immediate results, you can target people in the first and second stage of the buying cycle by following the tips below:

Look for the BIG problem your product or service solves

There’s a big difference between a person who is only curios about a certain product or service and someone who is actively looking for a solution to his problem. The latter is desperate and would be more than willing to give you their money – if you can prove that what you offer can give them quick relief.

That said, scrape Google and other search engines for keywords that scream “desperate” and “help”.

Write compelling three-dimensional and honest reviews

For people in the CONSIDERATION stage, write an honest review and compare your product or service against others. Being honest in your review will make it easier for people to trust you and buy the product you are offering.

Before starting any SEO campaign, make sure to do keyword research and group keywords according to the stages of the buying cycle they belong to. Use tools like Scrapebox, which scrapes keywords from Google suggestions.

How do you monetize each class of keywords?

If you are ranking for keywords in the purchase stage, you should redirect the webpage directly to the sales page of the product or service. If you are using WordPress, there are many plugins out there that can do this. So as not to affect your rankings in the search engines, make sure to use an iFrame redirect. Visitors will be taken to the sales page without changing the website address.

For keywords that belong to the information and consideration stages, install an opt-in email form. Just make sure to offer something useful in exchange for your visitors’ email address.

Again, the key to getting the best results or enticing email opt-in is by joining the visitors in their inner conversation. If you already offered the information, what else would they like to know.